The current prices of our programs are

Fighting with the Poor budget for the whole program if you pay yourself is 98,300 NOK, if you do PRE-COURSE 125,600 NOK
Learn To Travel budget for the whole program is if you pay yourself 52,100 NOK, if you do PRE-COURSE 71,900NOK

The Program Costs we will discuss in detail when you contact one of our representatives. This way we can make clear for you what budget includes, how it works and how to save up for it in the pre-course!
Traveling the world, volunteering, living in Norway as you can see is a rather expensive experiences, so we know that for most of our students, it's quite difficult to have money to cover these costs.
For this reason, we designed the Pre-course, a period dedicated to working and saving up for the program costs. You will be given a job* and, together with your team, you will work towards achieving your team budget.

If you would like a shorter program and paying yourself feels like something you could and would like to do let your representative know, that is also an option!

We have many great cooperations with companies who are offering jobs for our students, but they vary by season, but from time to time there are fewer jobs to offer than our students! We recommend you to apply at least three months before the program starts, in some cases. You would have to find a job for yourself with the help of the school!

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