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Will I recieve a certificate or diploma after finishing a program?

Getting a diploma only applies to the programs Fighting with the Poor and Development Volunteer.

After finishing the program Fighting with the Poor and succeeding in final exams, you will receive a certificate for “Development Instructor” from One World University Mozambique.

If you do the program Development Volunteer, The Federation of Humana People to People will give you a diploma of participation in the projects.


For receiving the A Certificate of "Development Instructor" before finishing with the project Fighting with the Poor, you should pass two exams: oral and written.

The Oral exam consists of holding a 30-minute presentation in English, on a theme of own choice from studies or practice during the Fighting with the Poor program, that you find relevant to bring to the public.
The Written exam consists of writing a 5-page story in English. Expressing one or more events or experiences during the program that made a big impact on you, which would be useful or inspiring for others to learn from.

Can it be recognized by other Institutions?

Have in mind that this certificate is given by a private organization. Every institution has their own policies regarding the certificates and their value.
By our knowledge some of our students have university points, which possibly gives them a higher chance in some job industries.

After finishing any of the programs in our Institute, you can ask for a recommendation letter from the school. The volunteering experience itself will stand out a lot in the eyes of future employers and universities.
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