Why the program got postponed
The reason behind this is because the Volunteering period would have started in January and due to the situation in Africa and India, they will not be ready to host our volunteers at that time.

Next starting date
Based on the current stage of our projects, we have decided that the secure date for the start will be 1st of June 2021 and finishing 1st of April 2022.

Other programs
For the programs starting with the Pre-course in September will remain the same, since their volunteer and travel period will start around middle of the next year.

Since we know that it can be an issue, these are the following options that can help you what do do next:
You remain in the program and start on the new date.
You can join to any of the other programs that are starting in September.
You can ask for a refund of your program by contacting us by email or chat.

We apologize for the inconvenience that it may have caused.
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