1.-Let's meet & chat!
You will find the enrollment form on our official website under Apply now. but if you are not yet confident and have some general questions check our FAQ or talk with us on chat! But don't worry the first Skype is an info meeting nothing scary about that When you choose the time, remember that it will be in Norwegian timezone and that usually if you book weeks ahead, you forget it easy, so book ahead few days, not months.
The meetings happen on Skype, or occasionally we will call you on your phone! We will have a chat about you and explain to you the program in detail, get to know the program beforehand on website, blog, and youtube and prepare some questions!

2.- Motivational letter and CV
After a series of video calls and making sure that you know the program and you want to enroll, you will send us your motivational letter and CV. Our representatives will analyze your profile and background to make sure that you match our criteria.

3.- Final Interview
If you feel like you are ready and you have a green light from us, we will assign you a final interview date and hour. We will ask you all kind of questions related to your program and school like:

Programs costs
Where is located the school?
Describe all the parts of the program
What are team budget and a shared economy?
By now you will know answers to all of these questions from the series of video calls you have had.

4.- Enrollment papers
After passing the final interview, you will receive an email with the enrollment papers and documents. Don't forget that to ensure your place in the team you will need to pay the enrollment fee.

Be aware that during this process, there are more applicants are making the same journey, so you wouldn't get lost on the way and manage to get to the team we urge you to be aware that you are asking questions, reading blog posts and keeping in close contact with us will show us your interest in our programs.
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