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1. Let's meet & chat!

You can make an informational online appointment with us here: Apply now. But before please be kind and read the programs on our website here: Programs and take a look at the frequently asked questions here: FAQ or talk with us in the chat!

Keep in mind: 1) The first meeting is informational, so ask away anything you want to know! 2) When you choose the time, remember that if you book weeks ahead, it is easy to forget so we encourage you to book only few days ahead! 3) Usually we call you on your phone, but if you would prefer Skype let us know! 4) If you do not get a call or an email please let us know and we go on from there!

The meeting - We will have a chat about the program details and why you are interested in our programs. In this way we will get to know you and your background just a little better, building a trustworthy bond between you and us.
Try to prepare yourself by getting to know the program beforehand, we recommend checking our website, blog, and youtube before making an appontment. Remember, this is the time to ask questions!

2. Motivational letter and CV

If after having the informational call with us, you feel ready to take on the next step, it is time for us to get to know you a little better. Send us your Motivational letter and CV, in a Europass version, to
Here are some questions to consider when writing your motivational letter:
What made you take a decision as this, to participate and join our (One World Institute) programs in the first place?
Which program do you want to participate in and why?
Describe yourself, write to us about your interests, your hobbies, your beliefs/values generally in life?

Our representatives will analyze your profile and background to make sure that you are a good fit for the program.

3. Final Interview
If we see that you are a great fit for us and you feel ready to make the last step towards your participation, we will assign you to a final interview, arranging the date and time together. We will ask you questions about the program, so make sure that you understand the upcoming commitment, for your new journey.

Program costs
Where is the school located?
Describe all the parts of the program
What is team budget and shared economy?
By now you will know the answers to all of these questions from previous calls you have had with us.

4. Enrollment papers
After passing the final interview, you will receive an email with the enrollment papers and documents. Don't forget: to ensure your place in the team you will need to pay the enrollment fee within a week from your final interview. (If this is not possible, let us know and we will agree on a timeframe)

Be aware that during this process, more applicants are making the same journey, so for you to not to get lost and not manage to make it to the team, we urge you to be active in asking questions and keeping us updated on your thoughts.
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