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The concept

Common budget is based on the concept that as a team, you can achieve more than alone. You might be working in different places, but you are doing it for the same goal. From the beginning, you and your team will have to be consent with all agreements, how you much will earn, how much and when you will take holidays. Does this mean you need to work longer or shorter? It all depends on you and your team.

In One World Institute, we want you to focus on your program more than in the economic part of it, but we are aware that your team economy is an essential part for you to accomplish as a goal.
How it works?
The common budget is based on the individual cost of the program, multiplied by each of the participants of the team.

Let' take an example:
The Fighting with the poor program costs for each participant is 72.900 NOK, a team consists of around ten people. The common budget for this team would be
72.900 x 10 = 729.000 NOK.

The team's goal should be reached within Pre-Course time. Since the jobs have different salaries - some bigger or smaller - all of the earnings will be summed up as one, so everyone would have an equal amount of funds by the end of Pre-Course to cover up the costs of the programs.

If you are paying the costs of the program yourself, the idea remains the same.

You have to be aware that the salary that you earn from the given job will go into a common budget and can not be used for private purposes - even if you quit the work or quit the program, no money will be paid out to you privately.
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