The overview and purpose of Introduction Week

Introduction week is seven days full of activities, organised with the purpose of giving an overview to our new students of how the school works, who are the people who work here and of course - get to know your new teammates.

Here is a list of the main things happening in the Introduction Week:

Presentations from students in Conclusion period
Presentations about the countries we travel & volunteer in
Specified introductions about Pre-Course jobs
Teambuilding activities and games
Getting to know your teammates and making the first team decisions
Spending a day at a nearby city
Doing practical actions and evening programs
The ones who wish to have a driving permit will have a driving test

After the week:

For the ones doing Pre-Course, the week finishes with preparations for starting the job and moving to the place one will be living at for the duration of Pre-Course.

The ones not doing Pre-Course will either return home until their program starts (Learn to Travel/Fighting with the Poor) or stay at the school to start their studies (Development Volunteer).
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