What is pre-course?

The Pre-Course is an optional period before the start of our programs, created by us, for our students.

PRE-COURSE is only available for Learn to travel, Travel to learn and Fighting with the poor programs.
We are aware of the economic situation in the world today, and we are also mindful of the salary level in the European Countries.
For this reason, we have created a way to obtain a scholarship by working 7-12 months in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK, or other European countries for you to be able to cover up the cost of our Program.

The work that we can offer you during this period is:

Collecting second-hand clothes from collection containers
Working in a school with special needs kids.
The salesperson in a secondhand shop
Dishwasher in a restaurant

This is some of the jobs that we can provide, sometimes you and your teammates need to find another job but always with support from the school.

List of things that will be cover by doing pre-course:

Health insurance

By doing pre-course you don't need to worry about the food and the accommodation since everything is arrange by us and a All the program costsare-the-costs-of-the-programs-33f2f4/) will be cover

You have to be aware that you can not earn money for private purposes by this way - even if you quit the work or quit the program, no money will be paid out to you privately.

Private expenses that are not covered by pre-course:

8000 NOK non-refundable enrolment fee, (if you enroll a month before starts the program is 9000 NOK).
Your transport to arrive at the school in Norway.
We recommend having some pocket money for 6-10 months (to cover shampoo, cigarettes, private expenses).

The jobs are limited so you should apply as earlies you can, even if you want to apply for the next year, otherwise, all the positions will be assigned to earlier, and you will have to apply for the next starting date.

Watch Jan's story talking about pre-course: