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List of things that will be covered during Pre-course:

Health insurance

During Pre-course, your employer will make sure that your food, accommodation and health insurance is covered.

The accommodation will given to you by your employer, locating at your workplace or near it.
Your employer will grant you food money monthly and pay for your health insurance.

Pre-course period finishes once your team has reached the common budget, you can read more about it HERE

Program expenses that are covered by Pre-Course:
Food & Accommodation
Participation in Humana projects
Travel expenses (Plane tickets, Bus, Train etc.)
Health insurance during all the periods of the program

You have to be aware that you can not earn money for private purposes, by this way - even if you quit the work or quit the program, no money will be paid out to you privately.

Private expenses that are not covered by pre-course:

Non-refundable enrolment fee, (if you enroll a month before the start of the program, it will be 9000 NOK).
Your transport to arrive at the school in Norway.
We recommend having some pocket money for the duration of your Pre-Course (to cover shampoo, cigarettes, other private expenses).
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