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In which countries can I volunteer and what kind of projects can I participate in?

For this Program, we work closely with Humana People to People, an organization that has branches in Asia, Africa and South America.

These are the main domains in which Humana People to People projects operate:

Child Aid
Community Development
Environmental and Agricultural Development

You can choose whichever domain you feel like you can bring a contribution to. For each of these domains, there are more branches.


The Projects in Africa or India happen in cooperation with Humana People to people
For 6 months, you can choose to volunteer in one of the projects below:

Teacher training colleges
Educating teachers in rural areas.
Vocational schools for young people.
Schools for street children
Sanitation and hygiene in rural areas.
Tree planting campaigns.
Raising funds for social projects
Stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS (following the program TCE/Total Control of the Epidemic).

Where will I live?

During the project, you will be living at the project destination or nearby it, together with the teammates you have chosen to be in a trio with. The accommodation and food will be arranged and granted to you by Humana People to People.

The countries where you can choose to volunteer in Africa at the moment:

At the moment in Asia, we only have projects in India.


In South-America, the month of volunteering will take place in Ecuador with our local project partners.
Since the volunteering period is for a very short time in the Learn To Travel program, the projects are smaller. You can choose to volunteer at the following:

Wildlife rescue centre
Community projects

The locations of the projects vary, they can take place either at the coast, in the mountains or in the Amazon

Where will I live?

During the volunteering period in Ecuador, you will either be accommodated at the project, or the accommodation will be arranged together with the school, depending on the size of your team.

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